Komptech Type 12 Finger Star and Cleaning Finger

Ref: MDP-2386-01

Product Description

Rubber Recycling Star for Komptech Multistar Type compost screen decks. Can be supplied with or without the Steel Cleaning Finger.

Additional Parts
Komptech Type Washer/Spacer - Ref: MDP-2388-01
Rubber Spacer designed to increase space between Komptech Type 12 Finger Stars (MDP-2386-01)
Product Specifications - 165mm Diameter, 40mm Square Drive

Komptech Type Attainment Ring - Ref: MDP-2387-01
Rubber Reducing Collar designed to fit over the shoulder boss of the Komptech Type 12 Finger Stars (MDP-2386-01) to reduce the size of the screened material.
Product Specifications - 77.75mm ID, 95mm OD, 18.75mm THICK

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