Grimme Rollers


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Product Description

Clifton Rubber's Grimme type dahlman rollers are supplied in the following sizes:

  • Clifton Ref: MDP-1605-01 (Spiral Roller) (Grimme Ref: 076.01554)
  • Clifton Ref: MDP-1600-01 (90mm Plain) (Grimme Ref: 076.01490)
  • Clifton Ref: MDP-2122-01 (80mm Plain) (Grimme Ref: 076.01491)
  • Clifton Ref: MDP-2226-01 (75mm Plain) (Grimme Ref: 076.02752)
  • Clifton Ref: MDP-2229-01 (70mm Plain) (Grimme Ref: 076.01599)
All Grimme Dahlman rollers are 800mm long. and are suitable for Grimme Harvester.

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