Bowls Green Ditch Liner

Our Bowls Green Ditch Liners have been designed and developed by Clifton Rubber Co. Ltd specifically for use as ditch liners for lawn bowls greens.

Clifton Rubber’s ditch liners meet all new criteria and regulations set by the bowls governing bodies and also protects woods and jacks which drop into the gutter. The product is flexible, durable, long lasting, maintenance free and cost effective. Further benefits of using our Ditch Liners are as follows:

Woods and jacks will be cushioned and held fast when they drop into the gutter, this meets the governing body criteria and also protects from damage.
The system is designed and manufactured in one metre length sections, which means the system can fit any size green. This also reduces future maintenance costs as sections can be replaced if required rather than wholesale replacement as with other systems.
Our product is manufactured in the UK using a high quality rubber material and will therefore last longer when compared to the materials used in other imported products.

Clifton Rubber’s ditch liners has recently been installed at Hemingfords’ Bowls Club (Cambridgeshire) who state:

‘’Working with Clifton Rubber has been a revelation. Clifton Rubber have developed a superb quality Ditch Liner for the perimeter of bowls greens which satisfies all conditions. We had difficulty in finding this quality elsewhere and since its introduction our Ditch Liners have received nothing but praise. They look fantastic but mainly they do the job they were designed for. We now have a bowls green which meets the criteria required to enable our Club to stage County and National matches. We have no reservations at all in recommending this excellent new product to any other Club.”

Peter Raven – Treasurer, Hemingfords’ Bowls Club (Cambridgeshire)

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