Established in 1973, Clifton Rubber is an independent family owned business which is now one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of rubber and polyurethane components.
Our manufacturing capabilities include:

  1. 1) Rubber Moulding
  2. 2) Polyurethane Moulding
  3. 3) Rubber Roller Covering
  4. 4) Rubber Extrusion
  5. 5) Rubber Fabrication
  6. 6) Rubber Sheet Conversion (Gaskets)
  7. 7) Precision Engineering & Toolmaking

Clifton Rubber manufactures bespoke rubber and polyurethane products from any of the manufacturing capabilities listed above, all of which are designed to meet a customer’s specific requirement. We also manufacture and supply various Clifton Rubber branded products, which are used as standard components in a range of industries and applications, some of these are listed in the Markets & Products section.
As a company we work hard towards being the best in industry by producing high quality products, maintaining competitive prices and delivering a dependable customer service.

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