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Our long term vision is to be one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of Rubber and Polyurethane components.  To achieve this goal we are continuously working to acquire and sustain the resources necessary to manufacture bespoke solutions to meet our customer’s specific requirements whilst actively seeking to design, develop and manufacture a range of Clifton Rubber branded components that will fulfil our customer’s needs in specific industries.

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Why Clifton rubber?


A family owned and managed company established over 40 years’ ago providing industry leading technical experience and expertise

Clifton Rubber has been trading as an independent family owned and managed company since 1973 and in that time has developed an extensive knowledge of rubber and polyurethane materials and the processes required to manufacture high quality components. Our dedicated technical sales team will provide assistance with your project from enquiry through to delivery and are on hand to answer any queries you may have.
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A range of manufacturing capabilities providing a one-stop shop for your rubber and polyurethane component requirements

We have six manufacturing units each with a dedicated rubber or polyurethane production capability. This ensures we have the correct production resources to manufacture a suitable solution for our customer’s needs. Our production units include:
  1. Rubber Moulding
  2. Polyurethane Moulding
  3. Rubber Roller Covering
  4. Rubber Extrusion
  5. Rubber Sheet Conversion (Gasket Cutting)
  6. Rubber Fabrication
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In-house precision engineering unit for tool-making and engineering support

To support our main production functions we have an in-house engineering workshop to provide tool-making and general machining / fabrication services, including: The manufacture of mould tools and inserts for our rubber and polyurethane moulding units. The manufacture of complete roller assemblies for our roller covering unit. The production of extrusion dies for our extrusion unit Our workshop is fully equipped with modern CNC milling and turning equipment and operated by highly skilled precision engineers to ensure high quality components can be manufactured on time every time. By maintaining this engineering capability in house we retain control of lead times, quality control and costs. This enables us to offer our customers very competitive prices for high quality tooling and fabricated parts on much tighter lead times.
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UK Manufacturing

We operate from a 50,000sq ft manufacturing facility located in St Ives, Cambridgeshire where we employ approximately 50 staff from the local area. The majority of customer bespoke and industry specific products we supply are produced in our UK factory and for the few products where we don’t possess the required manufacturing capability or resource in-house we coordinate the production and supply of the component with our various specialist UK manufacturing partners.
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Our price competitiveness ensures product value for our customers

We continuously review and improve our operational processes to ensure we are operating our business as cost efficiently as possible. This continuous improvement guarantees that we can manufacture and supply our rubber and polyurethane components at a competitive price whilst maintaining our industry leading product quality.
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Flexibility in production

The type and range of our production resources ensures we retain flexibility when it comes to manufacturing rubber and polyurethane components. This flexibility comes in the form of: Batch sizes; we are able to accommodate low volume one off orders up to high volume continuous production orders. Complexity of products; we can manufacture simple single material products up to complex multi material components such as rubber to metal bonded assemblies. Lead times; we have the ability to quickly change machine set ups for shorter lead times.
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Dependable delivery

At Clifton Rubber we work hard to ensure that we deliver products to our customers by the agreed delivery date, this is why we are trusted by many leading OEM’s as a tier one supplier. Whilst 99% of orders are manufactured and delivered on time, there are occasions where this is not possible, generally due to unforeseen circumstances or reasons out of our control. When we expect a delayed delivery for any reason we aim to keep our customer regularly updated to enable them to effectively manage their own production schedules.
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A focus on delivering exceptional quality as standard

We aim to produce high quality rubber and polyurethane components which will lead the industry on strength and durability. We have achieved ISO 9001 accreditation for quality management, which we regularly review and update in accordance with the latest requirements to ensure that our quality management processes are as focused as possible on delivering our customers a top quality product. Other factors, which ensure we lead the industry on quality, are: We will always use top quality rubber and polyurethane materials in our products and won’t use materials with high filler content unless specified by our customers. Our production processes have been developed throughout our 40 plus year history to ensure the end product is manufactured to a high standard. We carry out quality inspections at every stage of the production process from manufacture to dispatch.
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Clifton Rubber

Our History

  1. 1973

    Brian Burton establishes Clifton Rubber Co Ltd

    At the age of 23, Brian Burton establishes a trade moulding company called Clifton Rubber Co Ltd occupying part of a small industrial unit in Cromwell Works, St Ives, Cambridgeshire.

  2. 1975

    Move to bigger unit

    Clifton Rubber moves to a bigger unit on the St Ives industrial Estate, which still form part of Clifton Rubber’s production facilities today.

  3. 1980


    The company expands to occupy adjoining industrial unit.

  4. 1994

    Acquires Barwell Rubber Company

    Clifton Rubber acquires Barwell Rubber Company, an industry leader in rubber roller covering. Barwell Rubber moves to occupy units on Edison Road and now forms the basis of Clifton Rubber’s roller covering unit.

  5. 1998

    Acquires Crismo Engineering

    Clifton Rubber acquires Crismo Engineering and moves the company to adjoining units on Edison Road. Crismo now forms the basis of Clifton Rubber’s engineering capability for toolmaking and general precision engineering support.

  6. 1999

    Acquires KRC quality mouldings

    Clifton Rubber acquires KRC quality mouldings a trade moulder of small moulded parts located close to Clifton Rubber. KRC is now part of Clifton Rubber’s rubber moulding unit producing medium volume small moulded parts, KRC occupies units on Edison road next to the original Clifton Rubber units.

  7. Acquires part of Cromwell Rubber


    Clifton Rubber acquires part of Cromwell Rubber moving the assets to their site on Edison Road in St Ives. The acquisition brings valuable assets in the form of new moulding plant and a works manager with vast technical moulding experience.

  8. 2001

    Investing in Polyeurthane moulding

    Clifton Rubber invests in a new polyurethane moulding business unit to complement their existing rubber processing resources.

  9. 2011

    Joining the family business

    At the age of 27 Ben Burton joins the family business.

  10. 2014

    Acquires 55,000sq ft industrial unit

    Clifton Rubber acquires 55,000 sq ft industrial unit on the St Ives Industrial Estate with the aim of moving all business units to one premises by 2018.

Quality Assurance

At Clifton Rubber we pride ourselves on maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction. We achieve this by manufacturing high quality products, delivering them on time and ensuring cost value. This quality commitment is evidenced by our continued certification to ISO 9001.


Clifton Rubber Ltd holds certificate FM 09900 and operates a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 for the manufacture of rubber and polyurethane components.

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