Vintage Traction Engine requires a Bespoke Solution for its Replacement Solid Tyres

Vintage Traction Engine requires a Bespoke Solution for its Replacement Solid Tyres

As an established manufacturer of solid rubber tyres, we were delighted to be approached by a new customer who was looking for a company to re-cover two front and two rear wheels of his Scale Traction Engine.

For decades Clifton Rubber have been re-covering solid tyres found on various traditional modes of transport, such as traction engine wheels, horse drawn carriage wheels and vintage car wheels to name but a few.

We are always happy to work collaboratively with our customers to accommodate their vision in any way we can.  This particular customer came to us with very specific requirements which we were more than happy to accommodate.

Once we’d received the wheels at our Production Department, the team got to work straight away stripping off the old, degraded rubber and shot blasting the wheels in preparation for the new tyres.

We always use a very high-quality natural rubber for our solid tyres that has been formulated specifically for use in these types of applications.

The wheels are hand fabricated by our Production Department before being vulcanised in one of our large autoclaves. This customer required the rear wheels to finish at 1098mm (43.25”) in diameter with a taper on the edges and radiused corners.

Being a Fowler type machine, the rear wheels had a central groove machined in to make the covering appear as two tyres. The depth and width of this groove was specified by our customer in the form of a sketch.

The customer was delighted with the outcome saying: “For me, approaching Clifton Rubber was the right choice. They were able to make and replace the old tyres to my exact specifications and provided a first-class service from start to finish.  They created bespoke tyres for my engine exactly as I needed them.”

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