Case Study: Traction Engine Solid Tyres

Case Study: Traction Engine Solid Tyres

Clifton Rubber Co Ltd were tasked with stripping and re-covering two front wheels and two rear wheels for a customer’s scale traction engine.

The wheels were stripped of their old, degraded rubber and then shot blasted and the surfaces prepared for covering. We use a high-quality natural rubber material that has been designed and tested for use in this type of application.

The wheels were then covered by hand by our experienced production team before being cooked, or vulcanised, in our large autoclave.

Once the rubber was successfully vulcanised the wheels were taken to our grinding and finishing shop to be machined down to the diameter specified by our customer, in this case 1098mm. The customer had specified the finish required, in this case a slight taper with radiused corners.

Being a Fowler type machine, the rear wheels had a central groove machined in to make the covering appear as two tyres. The depth and width of this groove was specified by our customer in the form of a sketch.

We are happy to work with our customers and accommodate their vision in any way we can.

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