At the heart of better Handling and Grading Equipment

At the heart of better Handling and Grading Equipment

It is widely regarded that the increasing consumer choice on the shelves for clean, freshly packed potatoes of a certain shape and size has led to increased demands on growers to supply the right potato in the right condition at the right time.  As a result manufacturers of handling and grading equipment have had to improve the output and efficiency of their equipment in order to remain competitive.

This requirement for product quality, efficiency and value for money is why the leading OEMs and growers use Clifton Rubber components in their equipment.  Clifton Rubber have been manufacturing agricultural wear parts for over 40 years and have developed a range of rubber and polyurethane components suitable for the most demanding handling and grading environments where efficiency and durability is key.

Clifton Rubber’s latest product development is the polyurethane cleaning coil, for use in various cleaning and grading applications such as grading units, box fillers and receiving hoppers the coils have been widely adopted by many manufacturers in the industry.


Other Clifton Rubber products used in the handling and grading industry include Sponge Drying Rings, Cleaning Stars, Grading Spools, Grader Clod Rollers and pintle products such as Pintle Belts, Encapsulated Pintle and Pintle Rollers.

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