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Yes we can send rubber and polyurethane samples for approval prior to manufacture of parts.

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Rubber specification can be difficult and if you are unsure of the most suitable materials to specify then it is best to contact us and speak to one of our technical sales experts who can give advice as to the advantages and disadvantages of the different rubber and polyurethane materials. Some basic material information can be found on the technology pages of our website.

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We do not have a product catalogue as such due to the fact that we manufacture customer bespoke parts and therefore cannot list every type product we do or could produce.

The majority of our Clifton brand stock parts can be found on our website. However, if you require a standard part and it is not on listed on our website it is best to give us a call or send us an email to see if it is something we have as standard or something we can make specifically for you.

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We stock some of the more common materials on site but generally materials are bought in to order.

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Clifton Rubber’s own brand products, such as our agricultural industry specific products, are generally sold from stock. However, if a part is manufactured to a bespoke customer requirement then these parts will generally be made to order. For some customer specific parts we can operate a scheduled order system where we will hold stock for our customers to call off over a specified time frame.

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The majority of our customers are located within the EU but we do supply rubber and polyurethane components to countries worldwide.

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We have an in house engineering unit which predominantly manufactures mould tools and roller drums, whilst also maintaining existing production mould tools to ensure high quality moulded products. Our engineering facilities use the latest in CAM and CNC technologies to ensure our mould tools and machined parts are manufactured to meet our customer’s highest demands.

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Clifton Rubber has six manufacturing units each manufacturing components using a diverse range of rubber and polyurethane processing equipment. The units and capabilities are:

Rubber Moulding – The manufacture of moulded rubber components.
Polyurethane Moulding – The manufacture of moulded polyurethane components.
Roller Covering – Covering of rollers and drums with elastomeric materials.
Rubber Extrusion – The manufacture of components using the extrusion process.
Sheet Conversion (gasket cutting) – The production of gasket profiles from elastomeric sheet.
Rubber Fabrication – The hand fabrication of bespoke rubber components.
Each unit can manufacture a solution to meet our customers own bespoke requirements. Alternatively our manufacturing units produce the Clifton Rubber branded components developed for specific industry requirements such as our range of agricultural, recycling and transport components.

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Clifton Rubber is a family owned and managed limited business employing approximately 50 people.

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Clifton Rubber’s long term vision is to be a leading manufacturer of Rubber and Polyurethane components.

Our medium term mission is to acquire and maintain the resources necessary to manufacture rubber and polyurethane solutions to meet our customer’s bespoke requirements whilst actively seeking to design, develop and manufacture a range of industry specific rubber and polyurethane components that will fulfil our customer’s standard product needs.

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Manufacturing Capabilities

The tolerances of our moulded rubber parts can normally be specified to suit a specific customer application or requirement.

Our core business is the processing of rubber and polyurethane materials and as such we do not maintain resources for plastics processing. However, there are some thermoplastic urethanes that we process and we can machine plastics in our engineering workshop.

Yes we have over 40 years’ experience in the manufacture of rubber to metal bonded parts. We have refined our techniques to ensure a secure and durable bond that our customers can feel confident putting into their equipment. Rubber to metal bonding can be achieved through either hot vulcanisation (moulding or autoclave curing) or cold vulcanisation methods.

We can support a KANBAN system for the majority of our customer’s product requirements.

Quotes & Delivery

Clifton Rubber takes quality very seriously and follows strict production and inspection procedures as defined in our quality manual which forms part of our ISO9001 certification.

Generally credit accounts are readily available, subject to status. Please contact one of our sales team who can provide you with the account opening forms.

We can ship direct to your customer in plain packaging.

If the product is not a stock part, which can be shipped same day, then the lead time will depend on the batch quantities and material specifications. Generally we aim to produce batch quantities within 2-3 weeks but the timing will be confirmed upon order or at the quotation stage.

Tooling lead times generally depend on the batch volume, complexity and size of the part and therefore the type of tool required. We aim to manufacture all tools within a maximum 8 week period. Once we have the tool, the sampling process should take approximately one week.

Generally we try to get back to our customers with a quote on the same day, especially if it is a product that we hold on stock. For bespoke products where we need to obtain specific material prices etc, the time for quote can be slightly longer but we will aim to keep you informed every step of the way.

Yes we have a minimum order charge of £50.

We can manufacture small batch runs up to large continuous production order volumes. Minimum order quantities depend on the manufacturing process required to produce the product and the annual estimated requirement.

The best way to obtain a quote is to give one of our technical sales team a call on 01480 496161 or send an email with your requirements to

We have a technical sales team who are based at our factory in Cambridgeshire. For the majority of customers we are able to advise and quote remotely based on verbal descriptions or technical drawings and specifications. However, if a face to face meeting is required to discuss a requirement then we can arrange for one of our technical sales team to attend your premises, alternatively customers are welcome to visit us at our premises.