A Rubber Manufacturing Company

Clifton Rubber is an independent family owned business which is one of the
UK’s leading manufacturers of rubber and polyurethane products.

Since our establishment in 1973, our core business has been the processing of rubber and polyurethane materials to produce customer bespoke products such as rubber and polyurethane mouldings, rubber and polyurethane covered rollers, rubber extrusions, rubber fabrications, sheet cut gaskets and rubber linings (see our services).  In addition to our trade work we have developed a range of own brand components that can be found in use in various applications around the world including the agricultural, offshore and transport industries (see our products).

Our Company We manufacture for agricultural, transportation, energy and recycling industries.
Our Services We offer bespoke rubber manufacturing. Please click here to find out more
Our Products Our products are well regarded in their associated industries for exceptional quality.


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